December 2013 – ALRISE Has Further Increased the Manufacturing Scale

To meet the rising customer demand for the performance of in-house scale-up activities, ALRISE has increased the manufacturing capabilities for its proprietary ImSus® technology platform by another order of magnitude. This allows ALRISE to offer formulation development services in batch sizes delivering up to 500 g of freeze-dried micro particle formulation, an amount that is in most cases sufficient for the supply of Phase I / Phase II clinical trials.

With this step, ALRISE has not only demonstrated the suitability of the ImSus® process for the pharmaceutical production of controlled-release depot forms, it has also substantially reduced the overall costs and the necessary time until reaching clinical development stages. The application of cGMP-compliant equipment for all critical unit operations further enables ALRISE to make a smooth technology transfer to a contract manufacturing organization or to its customer’s own manufacturing facilities.

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