December 14, 2020 - Alrise announces acquisition of its ImSus® drug delivery technology by Ferring International Center S.A.

The drug delivery specialist Alrise Biosystems GmbH has entered into an Asset Purchase and Exclusive License Agreement with Ferring International Center S.A. for the development and commercialisation of products manufactured with Alrise’s ImSus® platform technology.

Alrise and Ferring have been working together since 2017 on the development of an injectable, controlled-release formulation of a peptide therapeutic. Based on the successful partnership Ferring has now exercised its option to enter into a definite agreement to further leverage and get exclusive access to Alrise’s process knowhow and intellectual property rights. The parties have committed not to disclose the contractual terms and conditions as well as details of the on-going product development.

“We are pleased that we were able to continue and strengthen our successful collaboration with Ferring”, stated Dr. Heiko Seemann, Alrise’s Managing Director. “This agreement paves the way to making the first product utilising our ImSus® technology platform available to patients.”

“On this occasion we would like to express our special thanks to our investors IBB Ventures and Creathor Venture for their long-standing trust and support”, Dr. Volker Rindler, Alrise’s Managing Director, added. “Our thanks also go to our consultants from tytonis b.v. and Bay Pharma GmbH for their help in various business development matters.”


December 20, 2017 - ADAMA and ALRISE Biosystems Sign R&D Agreement to Develop Highly Effective and Sustainable Crop Protection Products

ADAMA, a leading global crop protection company, and ALRISE Biosystems, a drug-delivery company focused on advanced microencapsulation of active ingredients, today announced the signature of an R&D agreement to develop new innovative and sustainable crop protection products with ALRISE’s proprietary ImSus® encapsulation technology.

Through this partnership, ADAMA and ALRISE aim to deliver new, highly effective crop protection products to farmers with a lower dose of active ingredients.

“ALRISE has been active in the field of pharmaceuticals for more than 16 years. The collaboration with ADAMA opens a whole new range of applications”, stated Dr. Volker Rindler, ALRISE’s Managing Director. “We are pleased to offer our technology to a world leader in the agrochemical field and to contribute to developing innovative and sustainable crop protection products to meet the demand for more environmentally friendly solutions”, Dr. Heiko Seemann, ALRISE’s Managing Director, added.

Dr. Elad Shabtai, VP Innovation, Development and Research, and Regulatory Affairs, at ADAMA said that “the microencapsulation technology can bring significant benefits to the agrochemical sector, as it allows an increase of water solubility and bioavailability as well as a reduction of dosing frequency. The partnership with ALRISE taps into ADAMA’s promise to deliver highly effective and sustainable solutions to farmers.”


April 10, 2017 - Ferring announces exclusive agreement with Alrise Biosystems for the development of an injectable, controlled-release peptide

Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Alrise Biosystems announced today that the companies have entered into a development agreement with exclusive option rights for Ferring to leverage Alrise’s ImSus® Technology Platform for the development of an injectable, controlled-release formulation of a peptide therapeutic.

Under the terms of the agreement, Alrise will conduct feasibility and scale-up studies with Ferring. Upon completion of the development work, Ferring will have the right to exercise its option and enter into a definitive agreement with Alrise to further develop and manufacture the formulation.

“Ferring aims to harness innovative technology platforms, such as Alrise’s microparticle-technology platform, in order to provide new, controlled-release formulations of peptides and proteins for our patients,” said Alan S. Harris, Senior Vice President, R&D Executive Office, Ferring Pharmaceuticals. “Controlled, long-duration release treatments can maximise efficiency, help improve compliance to treatment, and make life simpler for our patients.”

“Alrise is committed to delivering solutions that enhance the performance of drug products in development,” said Volker Rindler, Head of Business Development and Co-Founder, Alrise Biosystems. “Together with Ferring we aim to develop a new depot formulation that, once injected, releases the drug in a controlled way and thereby ensures an effective drug level over several months.”


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